XJC Register


All of the literature shown below is from my personal collection and as I own a Daimler that has been the focus of my collecting. There are corresponding Jaguar versions for each of the Daimler specific examples shown. Jaguar literature was also produced for Germany, The Netherlands, France and the United States and I will try to add images at a later date. Daimlers were not available in the United States or Germany and only 139 left hand drive Daimler Coupes were produced so I do not believe that Daimler literature was available in any of other formats than seen here.

The press packs are by far the rarest of the items below and even if you can obtain one it is unlikely to be complete. The photographs have been separated from many of them and are often for sale individually.


1973 Press Pack 1973 Press Pack 2

This press pack announcing the Series 2 XJ has an embargo date of 11th September 1973 and my copy has been annoted 'Recd 10/8/73'. Although the whole range had been refreshed the emphasis as shown by the cover was on the new coupe. The example shown here is incomplete but would have originally included a sample of the fibre optic wire that was to be used for the internal illumination as well as a range of photos and three additional sections. One apparently complete example of the press pack with 12 photographs including the cutaway drawing of the coupe shown on the home page was sold in May 2020 for an astonishing £472.50!

The Daimler 1973 The Daimler 1973 2

Publication number: ADC 58/973/50M
Although in black and white this 16 page brochure goes into a lot of detail and uses a lot of the images found in the press pack.

The Daimler in Colour The Daimler spec sheet

This brochure came in two versions neither of which carry a publication number. One is a six sided fold out card and the other uses that same card as the cover for a much more comprehensive brochure with full page images and detailed specifications that came as a 4 sided pullout.

A/C 1973 A/C 1973 2

Publication Number: ADC 64/50M/10/73
Jaguar were so proud of the advances in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning over the old XJ that they produced a full colour brochure that featured diagrams of how the air flows around the cabin.


The Daimlers The Daimlers 2

Publication Number: 40M/10/74


1975 Daimler 4 page 1975 Daimler 4 page 2

Publication Number: 38m. 2/75
When this first Coupe specific brochure was released the car was still not in production although it was not far off.

1975 Press Pack 1975 Press Pack 2

Another press pack, the contents of which were confidential until the 30th April 1975. This one announced that the twelve cylinder coupes would be available immediately with fuel injection.

Daimler Black Car Cover 1 Daimler Black Car Rear 1 Daimler Black Car Rear 2

Publication Number: 3203
Here we have the first two of four versions of this brochure. They are identical but for the rear cover. In the earlier one Daimler is still maintaining its independence but by the reprint they are the product of Leyland Cars. The red text in the top left highlights 'errata' in the specifications text of the first brochure. On the latter it shows an 'Addendum' that "the chrome body side moulding fitted to the Double-Six model has now been deleted."


Leyland Catalogue 1976 Front Leyland Catalogue 1976 Rear

Publication Number: 3244
A comprehensive account of everything Leyland had to offer in 1976 this brochure uses the images from publication 3203 and its Jaguar equivalent.

Publication Number: 10/76
Missing from my collection and therefore not shown here, though not for lack of trying, is the third version of the brochure featuring the Black car on the cover. Printed in October of 1976 the registrations were amended to account for the change in the year suffix letter thus KWK 884P became KWK 884R.


Daimler Black Car Cover 2 Daimler Black Car rear 3

Publication Number: 3203/A 5/77
The fourth and final version of this brochure it is printed on a textured paper but is otherwise the same as its predecessor.

Daimler Black Car Cover 2 Daimler Black Car rear 3

Publication Number: 3244/B 6/77
Probably the last piece of official literature to feature the coupes as they would cease production 5 months later.


Avon Front Cover Avon Rear Cover

There is no definitive answer as to when Avon-Stevens first completed their conversion or how many conversions were undertaken but as far as I know they were the only ones to advertise it in this format. Unfortunately my copy has been folded by a previous owner but when they are as rare as this finding another one isn't easy.